Coming November 2010

Set to go live on November 1, 2010, Chinese History Dissertation Reviews is a new site that features overviews of recently defended, unpublished doctoral dissertations in the field of Chinese history. Our goal is to offer readers a glimpse of the discipline’s immediate present by focusing on the window of time between defense and publication.

Each review will provide a summary of the author’s main arguments, the historiographic genealogy in which the author operates, and the main archival bases for his or her research.

The reviews will also be anticipatory, making educated assessments of how the research will advance or challenge our understanding of major issues in the field.

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Thus far, our growing community of reviewers and reviewees include the following scholars:

Nicole Elizabeth Barnes (University of California, Irvine)

Benjamin Brose (University of Michigan)

Jeremy Brown (Simon Fraser University)

Kevin Carrico (Cornell University)

Li Chen (University of Toronto)

Zhihong Chen (Guilford College)

Margaret Clinton (Middlebury College)

Chunmei Du (Western Kentucky University)

Wendy Fu (Case Western University)

Erik Hammerstrom (Pacific Lutheran University)

Hyungju Hur (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

J. Brooks Jessup (University of Minnesota, Morris)

Matthew Johnson (Grinnell College)

Kwang-min Kim (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Loretta Kim (Hong Kong Baptist University)

James Leibold (La Trobe University)

Christopher Leighton (MIT)

Ji Li (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

David Luesink (University of British Columbia)

Zhao Ma (Washington University)

Thomas S. Mullaney (Stanford University)

Kristin Mulready-Stone (Kansas State University)

Juanjuan Peng (Georgia Southern University)

George Zhijian Qiao (Stanford University)

Gina Russo (Stanford University)

Nicolas Tackett (University of California, Berkeley)

Cagdas Ungor (Marmara University)

Eric Vanden Bussche (Stanford University)

Wang Dun (Sun Yat-sen University)

Yvon Wang (Stanford University)

If you would like to propose a dissertation for review, or if you would like to be a reviewer for the site, please contact us at


About Thomas Mullaney

Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese History at Stanford University
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