See You in 2011 (and links to the first 10 reviews)

These last two months have been an exciting start for Chinese History Dissertation Reviews. Since our launch date on October 18th, we’ve posted 10 reviews of dissertations defended at eight different institutions, covering a wide array of topics and subfields. We are truly inspired by the reception thus far, and we look forward to more reviews in 2011 as well as posts from our various contributors about practical concerns of doing research in the field (the first of which was the recent essay by Jeremy Brown on grassroots historical sources from the Mao era).

Links to our published reviews can be found below. We wish all our readers a happy holiday season, and look forward to seeing you in 2011.

Thomas S. Mullaney
Gina Russo

Organizing Shanghai’s Youth: Communist, Nationalist, and Collaborationist Strategies, 1920-1942. By KRISTIN MULREADY-STONE (Review by Maggie Clinton)

Becoming Faithful: Christianity, Literacy, and Female Consciousness in Northeast China, 1830-1930. By JI LI (Review by Brooks Jessup)

Marginal Constituencies: Qing Borderland Policies and Vernacular Histories of Five Tribes on the Sino-Russian Frontier. By LORETTA EUMIE KIM (Review by Eric Vanden Bussche)

On the Run: Women, City, and the Law in Beijing, 1937-1949. By ZHAO MA (Review by Nicole Barnes)

Saintly Brokers: Uyghur Muslims, Trade, and the Making of Qing Central Asia, 1696-1814. By KWANGMIN KIM (Review by Loretta Kim)

International and Wartime Origins of the Propaganda State: The Motion Picture in China, 1897-1955. By MATTHEW DAVID JOHNSON (Review by Kevin Carrico)

Stretching the Skin of the Nation: Chinese Intellectuals, the State, and the Frontiers in the Nanjing Decade (1927-1937). (Author: ZHIHONG CHEN | Reviewer: James Leibold)

Gu Hongming and the Re-invention of Chinese Civilization. (Author: CHUNMEI DU | Reviewer: Hyungju Hur)

Law and Sensibility of Empire in the Making of Modern China, 1750-1900. (Author: LI CHEN | Reviewer: David Luesink)

Crossing the Urban-Rural Divide in Twentieth Century China. (Author: JEREMY BROWN | Reviewer: Christopher Leighton)


About Thomas Mullaney

Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese History at Stanford University
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